Virtual Academic Support  Available



During this time, things might be crazy at home, and for some of you, your kids are probably adjusting to their new online schooling. With MYS, we can help relieve the burden by providing daily instructional support with all of your learner’s online lessons.   MYS will come along side you in helping to support you with your daily instruction. 

Service we Provide:

Online support and oversight with grades 1-8 coursework provided by parents or cyber school

Extra-Curricular Activities & Clubs

Tutoring, Mentoring

Parent Classes, Workshops, & Conferences

Discount Memberships


Diagnostic testing to determine academic levels

Lesson Planning

Summer camp & workshops

We can put together a daily schedule that works for your learner. 


We have over 20  years combined experience and feel confident that we can help your learners feel secure in knowing that someone is with them. 

We will work with your learners every step of the way and can keep them on track.     Does your learner have a few overdue lessons?  Don’t worry!  We can schedule a time to just work on helping your learner catch you up.  Parents, as you are the home learning coach, we become your virtual learning coach (aka Success Guides).  

Traditional Homeschooling

If you are traditional homeschooling and you are not a part of a cyber school, we have virtual classes for you as well.  We can set up a schedule to meet your homeschooler online for academic reinforcement, support, and activities.     

Our Live online classes is powered by Zoom.   Zoom has a rich set of collaboration tools. We are able to provide instructional support with no difficulties as if in a real classroom.



Virtual Support Classes 

Support classes are customized to meet every family's needs and can be up to 1 hour Monday -Thursday.    

Our virtual success guides will assist learners in grades 1 - 12 by helping them complete online coursework and communicate with their online virtual teachers.   To schedule a virtual support session for your learner, complete the online form and a representative will contact you within 24 hours to work out a schedule.  For more information, please call 267-223-9872.  It is our pleasure to serve you!

Virtual Support Interest Form

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