WATCH: What It's Really Like for Homeschooling During Coronavirus

Updated: 4 days ago

ByEmma Patti HarrisonApril 2, 2020 1:54 PM

Video and text by Brooke Saias

"I miss my friends and all the specials that we had like P.E., music, computer lab," says Nina Daer, a third-grader from Tempe, Ariz. 

Coronavirus has shut down schools across the country, forcing millions of students to learn at home. Parents and kids are struggling to adjust to this new reality. In this video, families from Seattle to Maine react to how they feel during this time and talk about what it's like to navigate these changes together.

"You're not used to me being your teacher, so I think I get a little more pushback than you normally give your other teachers and little more attitude when I ask you to do work," said Stephanie Petrides, a parent from Bethlehem, Pa.