Parent tip: use these household items to teach sound waves with music

We recently asked the Outschool Instagram community "What are you favorite DIY learning activities?" When we heard this tip from two separate parents, we knew it was one to share with you today:

Create a guitar using a tissue box, paper towels, and rubber bands. Talk about pitch and sound waves!

Resources to help you do this at home:

First, check out this surprisingly-detailed WikiHow page, which shares a step-by-step guide on how to create the DIY guitar. (It even includes an FAQ section that might be a good teaching tool for curious young learners.)

This is a chance to talk to your young learner about the science behind music. After you make your guitar, check out these resources:

We think it'd be great to have your young learner make the guitar, ask them how they think a guitar makes a sound, and then follow-up by sharing the resources linked above.