Experience Learning Beyond the Classroom

 Homeschool -Cyber Education in a Blended Environment

MYS Cyber Academy provides online and onsite cyber education and instructional support to youth grades K - 8 in a blended environment.  Our center supports parents who need a safe place for their cyber learner to go to receive their cyber education and support while at work.  We provide the small class sizes and one-on-one instructional support that families are looking for.  The  center gives parents the security in knowing that their learner is receiving the very best in cyber education, instructional support, supervision, guidance, and tutoring by caring staff in a safe environment. 

We offer a well-rounded academic program and extra-curricular activities such as cheer and gymnastics.  Our Athletic Skill Development (ASD) is part of the learner's daily academic schedule.


MYS Academy partners with local businesses and organizations that offer our learners community service opportunities.  

Quality Homeschool -Cyber School Education Within An Athletic Facility

5 Reasons why your learner should attend MYS Academy:

  1. Academic Support

  •  More personalized learning

  • Small group, one-on-one instruction, and tutoring support 

  • Socialization and field trips

  • Full-day instructional support and tutoring program for learners

  • Go to work and receive the academic support your learner needs by caring MYS staff

  • Quality instructional support by certified MYS Success Guides 

     2.   Develop your athletic skills

  • Daily training to build confidence and technique in cheer and gymnastics

     3. Make lifelong friends

  • Our staff and your student-athletes will feel like family

    4. Flexibility  

  • More flexibility to move at your own pace

  • A flexible schedule to work on areas of your interest

    5.  STEM

  • Engage in hands-on activities that prepare youth for a lifetime of interest in math, science, and technology.

Now Accepting Enrollment

Grades K-8 for the 2019-2020 School Year

Our caring staff provides the tools

your learner needs

to succeed.

Enroll your learner today!

Experience Learning Beyond the Classroom

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