Extra-Curricular Activities

that Learners Can Enjoy at MYS

Cheer, Dance, Gymnastics


Students have plenty of opportunities to practice cheer and dance techniques during the day at MYS Academy.  Student-athletes have the option (if not already a part of a cheer team) to join our Dynasty Philly Elite All-Star Cheer Team. However, you do not have to be a part of Dynasty to utilize the center for education.  You can be a part of any cheer team in the area and attend the center for cyber education and support.  The center is open to all learners. 


Dynasty is a competitive team that travels across the country competing in local, regional and national competitions.  Visit us on Facebook (Dynasty Spirit Elite All-Star Cheerleading and Dance) for more information.

Our athletes compete through choreographed routines that include: cheer motions, jumps, stunts, and dance. All of our members are an important part of the team. Our instructors reinforce teamwork and the support of one another. Our coaches all have extensive training and continually learn new ways to improve skills and techniques. We enjoy getting to know each athlete’s ability level and personality.


"Kids Can Cook Culinary Program"

Take a professional chef, add students passionate about cooking, and mix them all together. It sounds like a recipe made in culinary heaven.

The goal of the Nutrition Program at MYS Academy is to help student-athletes learn how to prepare healthy meals that will help them find their power zone. The program is instructed by a renowned local chef, Bernard Talley.  Through the Kids Can Cook Program, students learn that proper nutrition and healthy choices maximum energy and recovery to produce peak performance.  We assume this as part of our educational responsibility to teach our students about the importance of proper nutrition. Monitoring student-athletes’ health and well-being are paramount.

Students will be learning how Math, English, and Science relate to cooking. We combined education and health. What a great combination!  Classes are held each Tuesday at 4 pm.  Register for the next class.  


Kids Can Cook Culinary Club





Our 9-week all-inclusive cheer camp designed for those who are cheerleaders and those interested in developing and enhancing their cheer-leading skills. This camp provides fun activities for young campers. Activities include tumbling, stunting, skill-building, drills, dance classes, tie-dye days, bowling, skating, and water activities. Campers will receive breakfast, lunch and 2 snacks as well as camp t-shirts, cheer bow and sweatband. Campers will engage in theme days and events while they build teamwork and sportsmanship.


Our Athlete Development Training program (ADT) is based on the principle that learners can become better athletes through a variety of specialized agility, balance, coordination, and speed training methods. ADT sessions are delivered by highly trained, certified trainers.   ADT provides our student-athletes the opportunity to develop a broad skill base by focusing on areas of gross motor skills that require specialized, individual attention.

ADT sessions can range from strength training to footwork drills, to games that focus on balance, coordination, reaction time, or speed. Student-athletes also have recovery days, which are centered on regeneration through dynamic stretching and yoga.



Students engage in various STEAM-related hands-on activities. All activities are project-based and designed to increase learners imagination and creativity. Some activities are coding, robotics and stem challenges.



We are partnered with Sugar Rush Kakes.  Sugar Rush Kakes provides delicious desserts and one of a kind cakes, cupcakes, and more.  Visit them at www.sugarrushkakes.com and order your next specialty cake for an upcoming birthday party, anniversary, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Host your next party at MYS- Dynasty Motivated Gym.