Enrollment may take place at any time during the school year as long as there are openings available and is for a full year from the date of entry.

Attend MYS Open House. There will be a tour and Q&A session. Children are welcome. Click here to register for the next Information Session. If you are unable to attend an in-house information session, feel free to join us for a virtual information session, click here


A Center Like No Other

​The academy provides an environment where learners can manage their time between online lessons and skill-building with the support of a daily schedule.    The center serves learners in Philadelphia and surrounding areas.   The program is open to all home-school and cyber students regardless of academic and athletic ability.  

The program includes:

Designated space for home-school learning and tutoring

 Home-school Curriculum for traditional homeschooling

Designated space for Athletic Skill Development

Qualified Success Guides

Qualified Athletic Coaches

STEM Program

Extra-Curricular Onsite & Online Activities

Field Trips


Hours: 8 am – 4:00 pm

Students not participating in extra-curricular activities will be

dismissed at 2:30 pm. 


The Center does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, or national or ethnic origin.