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Motivated Young Scholars (MYS) Cyber Academy is a cyber learning center serving the cyber charter schools and homeschool learners and their families.  Although learners can complete their coursework at home, sometimes learners need the structure, guidance and academic support from a cyber learning center.  Learner can still receive the great cyber education provided from their cyber school all within the MYS facility. 


MYS offers a flexible program that is perfectly suited for students who are motivated to realize their academic and athletic potential.  Within their school day, learners also have the opportunity to develop their athletic skills in cheer, dance and gymnastics. 

We recognize students’ diverse gifts, cater to their particular learning needs, and their aspirations for excellence in every area.  Our experienced Success Guides provide students with unparalleled instructional support, tutoring, and individual attention. Each student's unique educational program focus at the levels most appropriate for his abilities, needs, and interests.           

Our Mission

The mission of MYS Academy is to provide students with the opportunity to maximize their academic and athletic potential through skill development and innovative flexible cyber learning. 


Motivated Young Scholars thrives on “Educating the Whole Child” by stimulating growth, fostering positive social/emotional development, encouraging physical development, nurturing independence, and strengthening family/community relationships.

MYS Academy provides extra-curricular activities designed to support the student-athlete in their academic development.  Student-athletes are offered extra-curricular activities, such as; book club, yearbook, newspaper, cooking, STEAM and much more.  MYS Academy’s unique approach to education fosters in students a lifelong commitment to and passion for learning.

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Motivated Young Scholars Cyber Academy

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