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Motivated Young Scholars Academy is a homeschool learning center serving homeschool students and their families.  Although students can complete their work online or at home, sometimes learners need guidance and academic support from a learning center, such as MYS Academy. 

Motivated Young Scholars is a community based organization that offer services that strengthen youth and families.  The goal of MYS is to support parents as they educate their learners by providing learning resources, structure, guidance, assistance by our qualified success coaches, tutoring & feedback on learner progress.  


It is our vision to help homeschool learners reach their full potential by meeting their instructional needs and equipping them for success.  We meet one on one and in small groups to ensure that each learner is receiving the support they need.  Parents receive support via classes and workshops.  Parents feel confident that their learner is receiving the very best in instructional and academic support.  

Our staff has over 27 years of experience supporting families and helping our learners excel academically and develop Godly character.  At MYS, we recognize students’ diverse gifts, cater to their particular learning style and their aspirations for excellence in every area.  Our experienced Success Guides provide students with unparalleled instructional support and individualize attention. 

Every family is welcome to enroll in our homeschool learning center.  Our goal is to serve families holistically as well as academically by providing community service and wellness programs. 

With Covid-19 and the awesome responsibility of all families now having to homeschool, MYS has made it convenient to work with families through Zoom.    Families can still receive the day to day academic support for their learner.  Visit Homeschool Life and click on Virtual Classes for more information.

Visit MYS Academy at any time.  Our doors are always open.


​​Verna Aggie

Our Mission

The mission of MYS Academy is to provide students with the opportunity to maximize their academic and athletic potential through skill development and innovative flexible cyber learning. 


Motivated Young Scholars thrives on “Educating the Whole Child” by stimulating growth, fostering positive social/emotional development, encouraging physical development, nurturing independence, and strengthening family/community relationships.

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