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Motivated Young Scholars Academy is a homeschool learning center serving

students and their families.  We provide onsite and online instruction and support with all coursework.  Although learners can complete their work online or at home, sometimes learners need guidance and academic support from a learning center, such as MYS Academy. 

Motivated supports parents as they educate their learners.  How do we do it?  By providing ongoing support with cyber / homeschool lessons,  provide a flexible work schedule, guidance every step of the way by our qualified Learning Assistants, tutoring & by offering feedback on learner progress.  Our program supports regular and special education students.      


Our mission is to equip learners for success by helping them reach their full potential by meeting their academic and instructional needs.  We meet with our learners one on one and in small groups to allow us to cater to the individual needs of every learner. 

As a result of our staff having a combined total of over 20 years of experience supporting families, we recognize students’ diverse gifts, cater to their particular learning style and their aspirations for excellence in every area.  Our experienced Learning Assistants provide cyber and homeschool students with unparalleled instructional support and individualize attention. 

Every family is welcome to enroll in our homeschool learning center.  With Covid-19 and the awesome responsibility of families now having to homeschool, MYS has made it convenient to work with families through Zoom.    Homeschool/cyber learners can still receive the day to day academic support from the comforts of their own home no matter where they are located in the country.  Motivated will be there!


We are now accepting learners in grades K-12.  If you are interested, complete the Interest Form and a representative will contact you. 

Visit MYS Academy at any time.  Our doors are always open.  

Think Different * Think Motivated!


​​Verna Aggie

Want an Accredited Diploma?

MYS is one of the diploma-granting organizations, recognized by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) to provide diplomas to graduates of Pennsylvania home education programs. 

Acquiring Diploma

Families, who are members, can have their documents downloaded into a Google designated account to hold samples of the student's work until graduations.  There will be a fee of $35 to access the account.  Parents can then request a diploma using the Diplomas Request Form and send it in along with $105 for the Diploma.  You can also pay the Diploma Processing Fee through the Pay Now button below.

After we receive the Diplomas Request form, the information will be given to a designated evaluator who can then fill out the student's transcripts.  A copy of the transcripts with the evaluator's letter will be mailed to you to distribute to a prospective college or employer.  

Our Mission

The mission of MYS Academy is to provide students with the opportunity to maximize their academic and athletic potential through skill development and innovative flexible learning. 


Motivated Young Scholars thrives on “Educating the Whole Child” by stimulating growth, fostering positive social/emotional development, encouraging physical development, nurturing independence, and strengthening family/community relationships.

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